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Methods for Forming Sheet Metal

Author:admin Date:2011-1-5 6:12:14

Different shapes and forms of metals may require the application of different methods in order to shape the metal into something intended and useful. For example, specific processes are typically used to form sheet metal. Rollforming is an example of one such process that is typically used to shape sheet metal.

The art of sheet metal forming refers to the variety of ways used to shape sheet metal into a variety of forms. For example, sheet metal is used to make automobile panels and aluminum cans. Machinery has been developed to bend the sheet metal into new forms. An important word to know when discussing the forming of sheet metal is the word ductility. Ductility refers to the ability of the sheet metal to allow itself to be manipulated without fracturing. In other words, the level of ductility of the metal is the level to which pressure can be applied to reshape the metal without the metal breaking. Examples of highly ductile metals include silver, gold, copper and aluminum. These metals can be easily shaped without cracking or breaking.

Once the level of the metals ductility has been determined, its use can also be decided. Once a person decides what to use the metal for, the forming process can begin. Bending, drawing and the roll form process are all examples of methods for shaping sheet metal,roll forming machine.

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