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Roll Forming Machine,Cold Roll Former

Author:xsj Date:2010-12-12 22:40:54
I. Preface
Shipbuilding industry is usually a sign of the industrial countries. In the field of metal processing,
to process rolled steel into shipbuilding steel parts is considered as the most difficult by the
production and construction of the hull.
1. Metal Forming Process
a) Casting for a large number of products.
b) Metal contraction - by heating and cooling (heating lines)
c) Mechanical tensile and bending (hot or cold forming)
Taking into account the nature of ship construction industry and the limited number of factors,
the after two methods are commonly used decided by the economy of technical processes.
2. General Condition of World
From Worldwide:
The Far East Area: thermal processing technology, the use of heating and then cooling to
achieve contraction of the metal (with limited expansion and contraction)
European Shipyards: cold process, the use of stretching and bending
3. Process Comparation
Cold Process VS Thermal Process:
Compare from easy operation, quality, production capacity etc. sides. No matter how to balance
between the former and the latter, cold roll forming are considered to be desirable (compared
them from output or manpower), which is the global promotion, although in some areas a lack of
understanding or keep the present status.
II. The History of Cold Forming
As the name implies, cold roll forming is to change the shape of steel plate at room temperature.
To avoid the inconvenience of dealing with hot materials, the change of shape is through
external pressure to reach the plastic state. Allow metallic materials to be bent and stretched
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