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To promote roll forming machine by big teams

Author: Date:2011-1-5 6:21:22

First, to correctly grasp the roll forming machine. Machinery industry is basic, strategic industry, its development level represents national comprehensive strength and international competitiveness. Adjust the industrial structure, transforming development mode is a systems engineering, mechanical industry according to its own characteristics, according to the requirement of the scientific development concept, with independent innovation is the fundamental way of fusion, two for technical transformation, as a means for the orientation, m&a, new industrialization path for target continuously, the optimization of the industrial structure, promote the transformation and upgrading of development.

Second, must be clear about the key direction of development. With the development of industrial structure is an organic whole complementary, machinery industry adjust the industrial structure, development, change the ultimate in product structure adjustment and industrial growth in quality. To strengthen technological transformation, and using information technology upgrade traditional industries, improve production process automation, informationization level, intelligent, To develop green manufacturing technology, the development of industrial policy and market needs with the environment friendly, intelligent, digital high value-added products, To accelerate elimination and update the high, high pollution, serious consumption of resources behind the products, Fixed assets investment and technological transformation and special to backward, compression overcapacity oriented, resolutely curb low levels of scale expansion, and build a resource-conserving and environment-friendly industry.

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