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Sandwich Panel Production line

Sandwich Panel Production line
Product name:Sandwich Panel Production line


  EPS Sandwich panel laminator for corrugated sandwich panel mainly consists of a roll forming machine and a sandwich Panel laminating system.Through this line,corrugated sandwich panels can be produced directly,better than traditional sandwich panels.Moreover,both the roll forming machine and the laminating system can work independently.The roll forming machine of the line consists of feeding system,roll forming systm and cutting system,while the laminating system is made up of such equipment as decoiler, feeding, squeezing, heating, laminating,edge rolling,edge turn-over,groove-making,edge pruning,pneumatic device,automatic cutting and PLC.


  1.Beautiful appearance, low noise, high efficiency
  2.Multiple function: besides corrugated sandwich panels, this line can be used to produce simple corrugated sheets, and sandwich panels.
  3.The line employs advanced PLC and sets the panel length and cuts the panel automatically.
  4.The main body is welded with type "H" section steel as its material,strong strength.
  5.The length can be as required sizes, the width is fixed.


Main Techincal specification:


  1.Size: 40000mm×3600mm×3300mm (Length×Width×Height)
 2.Controlling system: PLC
 3.Total power (including heating): about 40kw for EPS.
 4.Working speed: About 10m/min for EPS, About 4-6m/min for PU.
 5.Suitable working temperature:about 25
 6.Density of Core materials:8-20KGS/CBM for EPS,30-35KGS/CBM
 7.Suitable material thickness:0.4-0.6mm

Product Usage:  


  Sandwich panels are widely used as the roof and wall of factory, warehouse, garage, exhibition center, cinema, theatre, gymnasium, civil construction, stadium, cold storage, etc.

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