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Shutter Roll Forming Machine

Shutter Roll Forming Machine
Product name:Shutter Roll Forming Machine

Shutter Roll Forming Machine
A: Roll forming main machine
1: Coil width: 266mm
2: Working speed: 12m_15m/min (not contain cutting)
3: Roll station: 12 stations
4: Material of roller: 45#forge steel, polished and coated with chrome
5: Material of main shaft: 45forge steel
6: Main power: 3kw
7:Forming thickness: 0.5mm_1.0mm color steel and galvanized steel
8: Transmission: By Chains 1 inch
9: Dimension of machine: : 5600× 1000× 1100mm
10: Weight of machine: About 4000Kgs
11: Color: Blue and yellow ( it is also can changed depend on customer request)
12: Cutting:
(1) Machine adopt fly-cutting
(2) Cutting after forming: Cut the sheet after roll forming to required length
(3) Cutting motion: The main machine automatically stops and the cutting will take place. After the cutting, the main machine will automatically start.
(4) Material of blade: CR12with heat treatment
(5) Length measuring: Automatic length measuring
(6) Tolerance of length: 3m+/- 1.5mm

B. Un-coiler
Dimensions: 1700mm*1000mm*800mm
Width of feeding: 300mm
Capability: 3 Ton
Bound of expand &fight: 450mm_550mm
Mode of expand &fight: Inner expand &fight by manual
Way of feeding: Manual

C: Control panel Panasonic
(1) Voltage, Frequency, Phase: 380 V, 50 Hz, 3Phase
(2) Automatic length measurement:
(3) Automatic quantity measurement
(4) Computer used to control length & quantity. Machine will automatically cut to length and stop when required quantity is achieved
(5) Length inaccuracy can be amended easily.
(6) Control panel: Button-type switch and touch screen
(7) Unit of length: Millimeter (switched on the control panel)

D: Hydraulic station
1: Hydraulic station power: 3kw
2: Hydraulic pleasure: 12Mpa
E: Manual out table:
(1)Jointed by 60mm*40mm tube
(2)Size: 1.0m long*0.8mwide*0.6-1mhigh
(3)One out table with two support roller

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